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Classical chamber music of highest quality is somewhat of a niche. It is expensive and makes sense only for a small audience of less than 300 – in our opinion. Running an ambitious festival like Hindsgavl Festival therefore requires solid support from as many sources as possible.

Upon request from several of the festivals ‘regulars’ we therefore initiated the association ‘Hindsgavl Festivals Friends’ in October 2018. The purpose is a much-needed support of the work of Hindsgavl Festival, which the past few years has developed into one of Europe’s leading chamber music festivals.

Below you can read more about:

  • Benefits for Friends of Hindsgavl Festival
  • Why the friend’s association is important to the festival



Your decision to sign up and support Hindsgavl Festival should first and foremost be based on sympathy for the festival. But of course we would like to give our members some benefits in return! See below – more may follow as the association evolves.

  • Advance booking
    In recent years the castle has filled up quickly and we had to turn down several regular guests. Therefore, Hindsgavl Festival Friends are offered:

    • Earliest possible notice about the program for the next festival.
    • Two to four weeks advance booking ahead of non-members
    • Priority on waiting lists for sold out concerts / days.
  • Better service
    In the light of the increased number of visitors we would like to continue giving our “real” friends the best and most personal service. Therefore members are offered:

    • Possibility to select two favorite rows in the concert hall. Selection is made when signing up. The wish will be granted as long as seats are not already occupied by other members with the same preferences.
    • Priority for allocation of rooms if you have special requests (valid for bookings of three or more nights, but no guarantee if category is sold out).
    • One month’s longer full return right in case you have to cancel your order.



Subscription fees, single members

  • Season 2025:                                            EUR 135,- (Renewal from 2024-season: EUR 110,-)
  • Lifetime member:                                    EUR 950,-

Subscription fees, couples (incl. children up to 18. y.o.)

  • Season 2025:                                           EUR 165,- (Renewal from 2024-season: EUR 130,-)
  • Lifetime member:                                    EUR 1.200,-

While not expected, donations in excess of the subscription fees are of course welcomed.

Activities in the association
In these initial years of the association we strive to make everything as simple as possible. However, we are open for further developing Friends of Hindsgavl Festival with the help from active members.

Articles of the association
.. may be downloaded here (PDF in Danish!).



Or: Why support Hindsgavl Festival? 
We – along with many others – acknowledge that Hindsgavl Festival takes up a special position in Denmark as the leading international chamber music festival. It brings together audience from all generations in a relaxed social context. And it facilitates informal meetings between contemporary classical composers, classical stars of today and young talents.

The festivals budget is cut as lean as possible. Most work is voluntary and each year we cross our fingers that we succeed in convincing the foundations to support the festival. Danish foundations account for about 55% of the festival’s revenues – entrance fees account for approx. 40%. 

The member fee’s shall support Hindsgavl Festival in three concrete ways:

1) Provide financial security
There is always a risk that the Festival fails to obtain sufficient funds from Foundations. In such an event the association may assist to minimise a deficit. The festival may also be affected by “circumstances of imparative nature”, as seen in 2020 following the Corona-virus lockdowns. 
Hence, the association shall seek to gradually build up an equity of 20.000 Euro serving as a safety buffer for the festival.
This will provide a security in planning that is essential for maintaining a high artistic level – the entire Hindsgavl Festivals raison d’être.

2) Support the work with young audience
The camp with young audience sleeping in their own tents creates a nice dynamic and makes it possible for a group of interested youngsters to experience world class artists together with the rest of us. At affordable prices. 
Funds from the Friends Association will help us cover the deficit in relation to the youth discounted prices.

3) Support the organisation
Since the re-launch of the festival in 2007 the workload has increased considerably. Yet the one/two-man organisation has remained the same.
It is necessary to broaden the organisation in order to avoid that the future of the festival hinges on one person.
Funds from the association shall therefore support the festivals ability to pay for part-time professional assistance.